Laser micromachining

Laser micromachining, also known as laser ablation or laser milling, is an accurate material process at micron level.

Stretching limits of precision through knowledge and experience

Laser micromachining represents the next level of precision at micron level. Micromachining uses laser ablation to remove material by instant evaporation.  In laser welding or cutting the material is heated to melt. Laser ablation completely skips this physical transition phase and goes straight to evaporation. It requires  lasers with high peak capacity. The accuracy goes up to several microns.

Millux's laser ablation process can provide unrivalled precision. The possibilities range from surface modifications and small holes to all kinds of structures and shapes. It is used to create specific (surface) patterns, masks and to create tiny holes with a diameter precise up to the micron. The process can be applied to a wide range of materials including metals, plastic, glass, ceramic and diamond.

Millux is industry leader in laser technologies. We use the best equipment available, but it is not simply done by buying the right equipment. This laser process is complicated and difficult to control. The process does not self-regulate. The distance between lens and substrate needs to be controlled very precisely under very controlled environment. Understanding how this technology works is directly correlated to getting good results. We spend time on tests, experimenting and gaining theoretical knowledge. Through experience and deep theoretical knowledge of our equipment, we are able to stretch the limits of what is possible in terms of precision and repeatability.

Millux prefers to work with its clients from the early design phase. The products we make are complex and challenging to manufacture. Only close collaboration and consultation with clients can bring optimised solutions. It maximises our co-creation chances of providing precisely what they need.

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