Generating a more constant output by optimising and automating the production process.

Define and develop automated processes

In order to stay market competitive, lean manufacturing is key. We have strategic initiatives to allow 24/7 production by means of standardisation and automation. Automation can be done by means of using cobots, robots that work in collaboration with people, are conventional building bricks by now. We can program them in such a way that they place a specific product in the machine. In the end, we will be able to produce the complicated products during the day, whilst the small series will be done by a cobot outside office hours.

A laser process experiences drift and thus needs to be checked and controlled quite often. In terms of stability, we can now reach the level needed. One of the things we do is measuring the results in-line. A reject will stop the process. Closed loop laser processing. That guarantees quality in our output.

In the end our goal is to automate to such an extent that we can reduce operating hours for our employees. And since an automised process is cheaper to run, it is a win-win for our customers and for us. On top of that, there is a logistics win. The automised process will give a more constant output. First, we will automise production. In due time, we aim to automise our factory as a whole.

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