With industry-leading technological capabilities and our metallurgical knowledge, we work with customers from the early design phase to co-develop the whole project to get the best solution.

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Metallurgical knowledge

Laser machining can be applied to a variety of metals, ranging from steel, stainless steel, inconel, aluminium and titanium, as well as to ceramic, plastic, glass and diamand, the hardest material on earth – the range of materials covered in general is wider than with conventional technologies. Any laser beam will create a heat-affected zone to some extent, depending on laser type, settings and beam characteristics. Over the years, through materials research and practical experience, Millux has gathered extensive metallurgical knowledge concerning the impact of laser machining on material properties. This facilitates the manufacturing of precision components that satisfy the customer’s requirements on dimensional precision and finishing quality.

Cutting-edge precision

Drawing upon smart process control Millux ensures high process stability, reliability and repeatability. Advanced laser systems producing very small beam diameters can achieve machining precision in the micrometer area. Combined with the almost negligible heat input of short-pulsed lasers this enables Millux to manufacture high-quality, high-precision components and products in 2D as well as 2.5D or even 3D applications. Over a wide range of applications this has already given rise to breakthrough innovations that feature new functionality or higher performance.

Full service

As a laser machining specialist, Millux covers the complete product creation process, from the early design phase to series production. In order to reach the desired result within the desired timeframe a project approach is used. Our general development approach is by means of co-development. Millux has engineers available that team up with the customer to arrive at the optimal solution with respect to your desired precision and quality. Operating in a lean and highly digitalised and robotised fashion – ultimately achieving one-piece flow – Millux can offer cost-effective first-tier supply.

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