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Drawing upon smart process control Millux ensures high process stability, reliability and repeatability. Advanced laser systems producing very small beam diameters can achieve machining precision in the micrometer area. Combined with the almost negligible heat input of short-pulsed lasers this enables Millux to manufacture high-quality, high-precision components in 2D, 2.5D and 3D. Over a wide range of applications this has already given rise to groundbreaking innovations that feature new functionality or higher performance.


Keeping up with Moore’s law is of vital essence to the semiconductor industry with first-to-market innovations.

The semiconductor industry is driven by ongoing miniaturisation and yield optimisation (wafers per hour). Millux masters the high-precision laser technology that can boost the development of first-to-market innovations in new microproducts and advanced manufacturing equipment. Laser technology enables the next level of accuracy needed in the latest generation of semiconductor equipment.


Staying on top in a landscape of global competiveness.

The high-tech industry relies on high-end parts, products and functionalities to provide solutions to today’s technical and societal challenges. Millux employs a variety of laser material processing technologies that facilitate state-of-the-art production and enable new applications. Laser technology enables the next level of accuracy needed in the latest generation of analytical equipment.


Thriving in a world of regulation and fast-paced innovation.

The medical technology industry is engaged in continuous innovation aimed at introducing promising new medical procedures and improving existing ones, while being guided by strict safety regulations. Millux uses laser processing technology to manufacture advanced, safe components for a multitude of Medtech instruments and devices that contribute to improving the quality of life of patients worldwide. Laser technology gives the desired material freedom and cleanliness to comply with medical needs and standards.


We meet extreme demands and solve challenging issues that no one else can.

The aerospace industry is characterised by extreme demands on products and systems that are designated for groundbreaking missions and have to operate under harsh conditions. Millux employs laser technology for producing components that meet the highest requirements under very strong regulation. Laser technology enables the use of non-standard, seldom used, materials which are needed for aerospace solutions. Also the extreme quality standers can be met with laser processing.


Foodsafe products produced with high repeatability production rate.

In the food industry efficient production and safety are paramount. Millux has specialised in the laser machining of process equipment and components such as micro sieves with high stability and repeatability of millions of identical tapered holes forming a high quality sieve with unique filtration capabilities. Reliable, automated manufacturing and high surface finish ensure that these products can be operated cost-effectively and safely. Laser technology gives an unique design freedom and accuracy to facilitate the latest food processing trends.

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