Besides the state-of-the-art production facility of Millux, there are more options that allow us to maintain our leading position to meet our customers' demands.

Customised design solutions

Laser processing requires a specific design. Millux can help their customers in getting the optimal design for a laser machining process. We reach into a domain of specifications that is otherwise unattainable. In close collaboration we are able to make structures that are far more precise than our competitors.
For this we have an team of laser application engineers available to work on the realisation of your innovation. We have adopted a project way of working to get the desired results within the agreed timeframe. The team exists of laser specialists, material specialists and project leaders. So based on the question posed we can form a team with the necessary competences to reach the result needed by our customer.

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Pre- & After-treatments

Millux delivers several pre- and after-treatments with the products we produce. Some treatments are performed inhouse while other treatments are outsourced.

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Clean room manufacturing

Miniaturisation is pushing the boundaries of manufacturing. Most of the high precision applications need also very clean and dustfree products. With our very well equipped cleanroom we can realise that.

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Cobots, robots that work in collaboration with people, are conventional building bricks by now. These cobots can be programmed in such a way that they place a specific product in the machine. Automisation leads to a very repeatable and constant quality of products.

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Manufacturing engineering

As a high tech manufacturer, we are continuously redesigning the tooling used in our processes to simplify the work of the operator, to reach higher precisions or to quickly change from one tool to another. The goal being to have a robust, high quality, production with a short lead time. So the customer gets the quality he wants at the moment he needs it.

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Co-develop your next-gen product with Millux.

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