Muon Group

Thinking and acting bigger in precision helps Muon’s companies to smartly and successfully respond to the world’s growing demand for the most innovative micro solutions.

World leader in micro-precision

Muon is aware that micro-precision components are becoming the key factor for companies when developing their competitive edge. Therefore, the Muon Group believes that offering successful small-scale answers to complex questions requires acting on a bigger, professional and global scale.

Working together enables the Muon Group companies to push boundaries and create game and life-changing innovations. The joint bigger network, greater investment power, and accumulated faith in the potential of micro-precision empowers them. To co-create smarter and more imaginative microscopical components that can be applied on an industrial scale. Mission critical to industrial evolution and product performance.


Millux BV, located in Wijchen, the Netherlands, was founded in 1988, when laser machining was still a relatively unknown technology. Today, modern laser technology offers great advantages in comparison with traditional material processing techniques. Meanwhile, Millux has developed into a capable and trusted supplier for the high-tech industry, offering a range of laser micro-machining applications.

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