Millux is the competence centre for laser material processing
and is part of the Muon Group.

With industry-leading technological capabilities and our metallurgical knowledge, we work with customers from the early design phase up to a fully industrialised product.

Metallurgical knowledge
Laser machining can be applied to a variety of metals, ranging from steel, stainless steel, inconel, aluminium, titanium, nitinol, as well as ceramic, plastic, glass and diamond – the range of materials covered in general is much wider than with conventional technologies. Any laser beam will create a heat-affected zone to some extent, depending on laser type, settings and beam characteristics. Over the years, through materials research and practical experience, Millux has gathered extensive metallurgical knowledge to minimise the impact of laser machining while creating a large variety of very precise products. This facilitates the development of precision components that satisfy the customer’s stringent requirements on dimensional precision and finishing quality.

Cutting-edge precision
Drawing upon smart process control Millux ensures high process stability, reliability and repeatability. Advanced laser systems producing very small beam diameters can achieve machining precision in the micrometer or even nanometer area. Combined with the almost negligible heat input of short-pulsed lasers this enables Millux to manufacture high-quality, high-precision components and products in 2D as well as 2.5D or even 3D applications. Over a wide range of high end and demanding applications this has already given rise to industry leading innovations that feature new functionality and increase the performance of instruments of high end equipment.

Full service
As a laser machining specialist, Millux covers the complete product creation process, from the early design phase to full scale automated production. In a co-development approach, Millux provides application engineering support to arrive at an optimised solution to the customer’s precision product challenge. By the introduction of proven methodologies, Millux operates in a lean robotised fashion – ultimately achieving one-piece flow – Millux can offer cost-effective supply for our customers.


Millux is a technology leader in the field of laser processing technologies with a diverse platform of different laser technologies and material processing capabilities.
In 1988, when the possibilities of modern laser technology for the application of precision laser processing were still relatively unknown, the company was founded by Dr Jan Reith. In 2017 the company, was acquired by the the Veco Group, which later became, together with the company Veco, Tecan and later also Louwers Hanique , the Muon Group. In 2021 Reith Laser was rebranded to Millux to further emphasise the technological road that had been chosen. Over the course of over 30 years, the company has developed into an established technology leader in the field of laser material processing technologies co-creating with industry leaders in different high end industries.

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With industry-leading technological capabilities and our metallurgical knowledge, we work with customers which typically involve us in the early design phase to co-develop components from the first functional prototype to a fully industrialised technological solution.
Millux is a leading specialist in laser material processing technologies and is part of the Muon Group. With industry-leading technological capabilities and our metallurgical knowledge, we work with customers from the early design phase to co-develop the whole project to make sure they get the best optimised solution customised to their demand.

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Muon Group

Thinking and acting bigger in precision helps Muon’s companies to smartly and successfully respond to the world’s growing demand for the most innovative micro solutions.
Muon is aware that micro-precision components are becoming the key factor for companies when developing their competitive edge. Therefore, the Muon Group believes that offering successful small-scale answers to complex questions requires acting on a bigger, professional and global scale.

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A team of laser application and processing specialists, constant investments in state-of-the-art laser equipment and required dedicated facilities and a solid customer base form the pillars for our success.
A team of expert laser specialists and constant investments in state-of-the-art laser equipment form the basis for our success. In addition to (volume) production, Millux works on prototyping and has it’s own inhouse research capabilities. Continuous innovations for Millux are the way to maintain and build our leading position in the market.

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Being a leading company in laser precision technologies means interesting career opportunities.
Millux has been one of Europe's most high-tech companies in the field of laser precision processing for over 30 years. We are at the eve of large scale automation and are making significant investments in our technology, facility and people to further strengthen our position in the market. This offers sufficient (new) business and career opportunities within the Millux organisation as well as the Muon Group.

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