Industrial laser
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Leading specialist in laser material processing technologies

Millux is a leading specialist in laser material processing technologies. With industry-leading technological capabilities and our metallurgical knowledge, we work with carefully selected customers typically from the early design phase to co-develop the whole project to make sure they get the best solution for the challenge at hand. Millux is part of the Muon Group.

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Laser technology

Specialist in pulsed laser

Lasers have been around for sixty years as sources of coherent light which is focused as a narrow beam on a small spot. A laser beam locally changes the material properties in a very controlled and confined manner. Millux has specialised in the full spectrum of pulsed laser technologies, covering milli- and microsecond lasers for cutting and welding, nanosecond lasers for engraving and pico- and femtosecond lasers for drilling and micromachining.

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Laser applications

Advanced laser systems for co-development in various industries

As the industry leader in laser technologies, Millux offers a unique platform with a multitude of advanced laser systems including pico and femtosecond laser systems. Our technology enables customised micro precision laser solutions for component co-development in various high demanding industries.

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Besides the state-of-the-art production facility of Millux, there are more options that allow us to maintain our leading position to meet our customers' demands. These options includes amongst others engineering and project management.

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