Pre- & Aftertreatments

Material treatments to unburden our customers and improve the final result.

There's more than laser technology!

Millux delivers several pre- and after-treatments with the products we produce. Some treatments are performed inhouse. The following treatments are performed within the company:

  • Manual deburring by light sanding and brushing with various pickling methods
  • Cleaning - degreasing or Grade 4 cleanroom cleaning
  • Cleanroom packaging

Several chemical and mechanical treatments are outsourced to our carefully selected partners. A list of these treatments is given below.

  • Chemical
  • Electropolishing
  • Anodizing
  • Coating
  • Pickling - when the product is too large for us to stain internally
  • Mechanical processing:
    • Galvanizing holes
    • Sheet metal bending / edging
    • Milling work
    • Drumming

The remaining outsourced treatments that we outsource are heat treatments such as annealing and cleanroom cleaning Grade 2.

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