Customised design solutions

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Uniqueness in skills and knowledge on laser processing

Laser processing requires specific design. Millux can help their customers in getting the optimal design for a laser machining process. We reach into a domain of specifications that is otherwise unattainable. We are able to make structures that are far more precise. Our adhering techniques, such as laser welding, allow us to make connections that are both precise and strong.

The customer brings in specifications in terms of strength and volume. In the design phase, we develop that initial idea into an optimal design for our laser processes. That means the customers do not need to compromise on specifications and get exactly what they are looking for. In order to reach the desired result within the desired timeframe a project approach is used.

We are unique in our skills with and knowledge on laser processing. It allows us to deliver products that cannot be made using conventional techniques. On top of that, we are used to project-based working. Our knowledge is what makes a difference for our customers.


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