Laser cutting

Laser cutting has proven to be a widely used modern production process with applications in a variety of industries.

A high-tech substitution of mechanical cutting

Laser cutting is a widely used modern production process. In this process, materials are heated and the melted material is blown away with a gas flow. That leaves an opening, hence the material can be cut.

The laser cutting process is a high-tech substitution of mechanical cutting. A classic saw might achieve a precision of several millimeters. A standard laser cutter for creating simple parts from drawings can reach tenths of millimeters precision. The laser beam does not wear during the process and minimises the heat affected zone.

The precision of Millux’ laser cutting process is up to ten microns – about ten times as precise compared to mechanical cutting. Apart from its high accuracy, the process is fast, reliable and highly repeatable.

Laser cutting can be combined with laser welding to create complex small sized features and components, such as cooling channels.

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